The doctor stared at the screen silently. We had just found out that we were having twin girls, and we were anticipating a celebratory sonogram. Yet the doctor’s silence spoke volumes in my head. Finally, he turned his chair around toward us and invited us to go into another…
I’m often asked how do you grow spiritually - this is my attempt to answer that
I rarely manuscript but Holy Spirit led me to write one this past Friday
On Thursdays, at lunch, there is a group at my church that gathers to eat soup and salad and study the Scriptures together. This season we are walking…
Lord God, We thank You for granting us another year, another month, another moment. May You move us from languish to flourishing. Grant us the wisdom of…
Patterning Pastoring after the Relational Triune God
Poetry as Prayer
Healing from a Pandemic and Fractured World
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